Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds Festival: Biggest livestream ever

26 bands and various other acts will take the stage on Proving Grounds. Starting on friday 19 February, ending sunday 21 February. Most of the acts will be from the Netherlands and are all from the underground scene. Many of the acts had plans in 2020 and 2021 but became victims of the pandemic. Many genres will be covered, so there will always be something for everyone. Everything will be streamed to your devices.

Supporting the underground scene

Proving Grounds came to be after founder and drummer of Kick Me Out saw the tour of his band fail to happen due to the pandemic. But instead of leaving it with that, he started doing something about and launched in October 2020 the first edition of Proving Grounds. Learning from the mistakes made there and what was needed to improve the concept, Proving Grounds 2 will be better and bigger!

Giving new life to live music

Corona struck heavily in the music scene. With various tours and festivals canceled, nothing was left of live music. Proving Broadcast, part of BrandEvolve, comes with the solution: Proving Grounds, the biggest music livestream festival. Giving you 27 bands from the Dutch underground scene.


We stream with 8 cameras. 6 on the mainstage and 1 on the living room stage.

Lighting and audio

We have live lighting and audio engineers giving you the best experience.


The event is organised with taking account of the government measures.